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Custom Matting & Frames



Choose a ready-made or custom frame, or an attractive perimeter trim


Framing gives your photos, art or graphics a truly professional custom look. At Wolfe's, we specialize in helping you choose the right frame for the right job.


We stock thousands of ready-made frames in all the standard photo sizes. Easel backs, wall mounts, metal, woods -- Wolfe's has a ready-made frame for virtually any need.


Wolfe's custom frame department has a wide variety of frame moldings to satisfy your every need. Let Wolfe's help you select a custom mat and frame that's just right!


For mounted posters, prints, graphics, or photos Wolfe's can chemically fuse a plastic trim frame to the mount board. These trim frames come in black, white, silver, blue, red or gold and protect the edges and corners from bumps and dents.


Don't just unroll and tack up your favorite poster. Let Wolfe's mount it and add a trim frame! They will look sharp and be protected!


When it comes to framing, Wolfe's has it all!






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